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Here's where you get to tell us about the aftermarket products you've installed on your Miata. We want to know about the things you love as well as the things you might regret having spent the money on.

Since the Web is virtually an open forum for anyone to say pretty much anything anonymously, we've established some rules to help ensure the credibility of the responses.

  1. We will not include anonymous responses.

    You must include your full name and e-mail address or a phone number where you can be reached or your response will be ignored. We will publish your name. We will also publish your e-mail address unless you ask to remain anonymous. We cannot guarantee that anonymous reviews will be printed.

  2. Be objective.

    This feedback is about the products, not about the people who sold it to you.

  3. Give Reasons for Your Opinions

    Tell us why you like or don't like something. Was it due to installation problems? Did the product work as advertised?

  4. Be descriptive. Two-liners will not be published.
  5. Please write "legibly"
    • DO NOT USE ALL UPPER CASE. It is hard to read and it will not be published!
    • do not use all lower case. It is hard to read.
    • Use mixed case. Sentences start with caps.
    • dont forget to use punctuation
      There are periods at the end of sentences.
    • Pleeeze try two spel currektly!
  6. We reserve the right to publish or reject reviews at our discretion.

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