KSM Windstop

Reviewed by: Magne Meldal - Magne.Meldal@c2i.net

Windblocker made from a metal tubing frame, with a mesh like fabric inside it. A leather like  fabric is sewn around the tubing. Black. Looks like the winblocks for the German cars. It folds bacwards, and can be operated while driving. The windblocker fits snugly all the way down to the carpet on the rear deck, leaving no glitch for draft to sneek in through. The vertical bars in the frame are curved, to match   the curve of the seatback/headrests, and this also makes it fit perfectly when folded back to rest on the folded down top.

It mounts on the bolts that the boot is clipped on to. Takes no time.

Appeares to be of high quality, and looks _really_ nice! Works great too, leaves no draft with windows up, but doesn't really reduce the wind with the windows down.  Highway cruising at, say, 100km/h is done without any draft in the car. Only the hair on the very top of your head gets tossed around a bit If wearing a baseball cap, it's almost like driving a closed car, draft wise that is! I would say that driving a closed car with the sunroof open is more uncomfortable.

It makes the operation of the soft top slightly more complicated, but it can stil be operated without leaving the car. Also complicates the utilization of luggage space on the rear deck, but I guess these things go for windblockers in general, not only this.

The locknuts that supply the friction for the folding down action have to be tightened a few times after installation, as the mechanism "breaks in".

Price is 3/4 compared to Oris. Bought it from the manufacturer in Germany, and  delivery was somewhat slow, but still:   Highly recommended.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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18 July, 1998