Tombstone Windblocker by Leatherlids

[3/8/2004] Reviewed by: Victor Nelson -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

The Leatherlids website offers two custom-made products for sale, the Leatherlids padded leather console lid cover, and the Tombstone acrylic windblocker. I have purchased both products for my car and I am thrilled with each of them. The Tombstone windblocker is a quarter-inch thick sheet of clear acrylic that straps onto a double-hoop roll bar or style bar. The Tombstone windblocker is shaped like, well… a tombstone. It uses four 2” wide Velcro straps to attach between the hoops of the roll bar.

The Tombstone comes in clear acrylic or a choice of tints. I chose the clear acrylic with a green edge. Cam, the Tombstone guy, is very accommodating when it comes to designing the windblocker to suit your needs. The Tombstone was originally designed for use with Hard Dog Deuce rollbar, but I have a Racing Beat Type II style bar. I sent Cam a cardboard template of my style bar and a short time later I got back a perfectly fitting windblocker. I also requested a rubber molding around the sides and bottom of the windblocker to prevent contact between the acrylic and the chrome style bar. It was very well executed.

The Tombstone attaches securely to my style bar. It does not interfere with the raising or lowering of the top. It can remain attached to the roll bar with the top up, or it can be detached within seconds and stored in the map pocket behind the passenger seat. The Tombstone does not move or rattle at “any” speed. The only time it vibrates is when I have the music turned up real loud! It’s also a perfect place for a sticker or a decal.

Not an installed item

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