MM Marketing Windscreen

MM Marketing Windscreen

[11/23/2002] Reviewed by: Steve T. -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Nylon mesh Windscreen that straps between the seats.

This Windscreen straps between the seats with two matching vinyl straps on each side (Sport model). The fit is as tight and secure as you want to make it. The look is clean and uncluttered looking. The Tan is a perfect match with M1 leather interior and there is nothing permanent to install. It works perfectly and blocks any backdraft between the seats. The only bad thing is that the velco straps are hard on the seat threads over time. So care needs to be taken installing and removing to minimize the fraying. This may not apply to cloth seats.

Excellent, inexpensive windscreen for M1 owner. Highly recommend.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[11/2/2000] Reviewed by John Irby -

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.8 liter

This is a simple, nylon mesh windscreen (not unlike a bug screen you would cover your radiator with) which uses two-sided tape and velcro to attach to Miata seatbacks. Retail cost is $39.95 (plus shipping & handling) from MMiata.

This is the cheapest of the available windscreens available for the Miata - but consisting of about $2 worth of materials - MMiata is making a killing on each sale.

A snap to install - just install the sticky-back hook and loop strips to the back of the seats - let them set for a day and simply stretch and press on the screen.

While a makeshift device - it works very well. It is especially effective on cool mornings, allowing both side windows to be raised while cutting down the turbulence in the cockpit and keeping temperatures cozy around the seats.

I only recommend this windscreen if you have the stock, black on black vinyl interior. This will look tacky combined with the factory tan seats and if you have seatcovers or aftermarket leather seats (such as Crazy Red's), then this windblocker is definitely NOT the way to go.

Not an installed item

[10/25/2000] Reviewed by Rami Cerone -

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Windscreen mesh that attaches with velcro to the seatbacks

When I first received it, my impression was "this is it?" However, after using it and seeing the difference, I would not be without it. My hair (short men's cut) does not blow AT ALL. My girlfriend's long hair used to blow FORWARD but now just blows barely. BIG DIFFERENCE. I had to superglue the velcro to the seats because the adhesive would not hold but no big deal. Very effective especially since that is the cheapest windblocker out there.

Big difference. If you drive highway at all, I recommend a windblocker. With the windows up and the top down, people can't even tell I'm in a car while talking on my cell phone on the highway (not that I condone talking and driving). Just an example.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Rob Mims -

A simple, one piece nylon mesh screen suspended between the seat-backs attached by Velcro.

This device, unlike the ASC windblocker and the KTW, is INCREDIBLY easy to install and use. I recieved it as a gift this past Christmas, and installed it that night, in about a minute and a half. The windscreen itself is a nylon mesh material similar to that you find on your house windows, though a much thicker cross-section and heavier construction. It attaches directly to the seatbacks with Velcro. It couldn't be easier to remove and replace, simply by moving the seats forward just a tiny bit and attaching one side then STRETCH it to fit on the other. The effectiveness of the device is a little more limited than the excellent KTW, but MUCH less obtrusive than those leather and plastic abominations seen stretched OVER the seatbacks. It sits even with the shelf and the top of the seats, but unlike the KTW does not extend any further up. In that regard it does not provide the same protection. It is better than nothing at all and lists at $39.95 (US), a little steep; but I don't know if Santa paid that much for it or not.

If you have seat covers, either cloth or sheepskin, this product is not for you. Also it only comes in black, so with tan interiors it would stick out, so I discourage its use in that application. It also seems kinda cheap compared to its price, but it is sleek and integrates well with the coal-pit interior.

Update: Since using the devise now for 4 months, I have noticed some things less perfect about it. For one, the material stretches on tight at first, then stretches too much in the direct sunlight (in Texas anyway, YMMV). It now diesn't fit right. Also the adhesive velcro strips that stick to the seatbacks have come off at the corners. The directions state you should clean with an alcohol based solution and let the adhesive cure for 24 hours. I did this and it didn't seem to help it stay. I used some multipurpose adhesive to keep them on, but I shouldn't have had to.

This product is too cheeply constructed to be worth any more than $10, IMHO.

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