FX Aluminum Windbreak by Mike Satur

[6/26/2001] Reviewed by: James Velez - JAMVELEZ@AOL.COM

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

This is a very well designed windstop. It is made of aluminum and it combines the look of a double hoop sport bar with a very effective wind deterrent. It has stainless steel mesh on the hoops with a tinted Plexiglas in the center.

The product is excellent. It really improves the look of the car - giving it a "Porsche like look" at the rear. It is very effective at reducing the wind turbulence and is easy to install. It took five days to arrive and I installed it in less than an hour. The product could benefit from better instructions and a diagram would be great. My 1997 had the factory support bar which is replaced by this windstop. I was concerned about the loss of rigidity but this replacement is as strong as the factory and I did not notice any difference in the ride quality. I was shopping for a double hoop bar (for the look) and a windstop (so my wife would stop complaining) and I achieved both with this product for a lot less money in one quality piece. It folds easily out of the way but that is hardly necessary since it does not interfere with neither the soft or hard top. It also does not interfere with the installation of the boot cover. Have I mentioned - it looks great.

I am so pleased with this modification. I have have made a lot of changes to my Hot Red Miata but this one ranks among the top 5 of them. I was unsure about whether to go with the black or silver finish and I am so glad I went with the brushed aluminum because it really stands out. I also compliment Mike Satur on his customer service. I emailed him with so many questions and he always provided prompt, informative and very honest answers. I was very hesitant to order something from overseas but I am so glad I took the chance. Shipping is a little pricey and you have ask for the current exchange rate but it is well worth the money. The unit costs approx $234 US dollars and the shipping (to NJ) adds another $75.60 but it is a bargain when you think of the price of a windstop and bar. Mike Satur also has a more aggressive tubular unit for those of you that demand more from your windstop. Email me for specific questions or for pictures.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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