Schroth Rallye Cross Harnesses

[11/4/2004] Reviewed by: Keith Kimble -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

DOT approved 4-point harness. Two-inch lap and shoulder belts with shoulder pads.

Installed about a month ago. Had Brainstorm do the install since I was having some other work done at the same time, so it was just easier and not very expensive.

Perhaps the best modification dollar for dollar I've made to my 93. Belts look great (black in a tan interior), and really hold you in snugly--although realize that I have racing seats in my car, which helps a bit (a lot) as well. Biggest problem really is how to mount them. I ended up installing a Brainstorm roll bar and cockpit brace at the same time, and secured the harnesses to the cockpit brace. Works fine. Brace is very close to the seatbacks, so there is NO GIVE in these belts AT ALL. Miata's interior is sufficiently compact that I have no trouble reaching radio, HVAC, etc. with harnesses on, even with the seat all the way back--only unreachable is the glove box. Belts are very constraining, but I find the feeling of security and plantedness in the seat they provide (in combination with the Nakamaes) to be way in excess of any loss of freedom of movement. Shoulder pads (a pretty inexpensive option that remove and install easily) increase! comfort. I'm shocked no one has reviewed these before. since as far as I can tell they're the only DOT approved "street legal" four-points out there. Schroth also makes a 4,5, or 6 point 3 inch system (the Pro-fi, also DOT approved), but it's more expensive, and probably overkill for street use. Pro-fi is also a bit more garish in appearance, and I'm into understated. You do need a real roll bar if you're gonna run harnesses. Highly recommended. Search the web for dealers, and Schroth's website ( for more info.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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