TC Windblocker

[10/3/2001] Reviewed by: Roger Nelson -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Plexiglass windscreen and brackets to mount.

Easy to install and effective but not something a tall or long legged driver should buy. With the seat back as far as the windscreen would allow the seat stresses the plastic and one night getting in I cracked it. Repaired it with solvent adhesive but was now forced to keep seat a notch or two more forward. This changed the angle of my legs and I found myself sitting more on my "tail bone" area than on my thighs and butt. After a two hour cruise one chilly evening I ended up with an extreme discomfort in the posterior of my anatomy that lasted for two days!!

Just couldn't bring myself to use it in that mounting position again. Wife complained about the squeaky rubbing noise at lower speeds. Remounted the brackets behind the crossbrace. Difficult to install the boot and the windscreen seemed to catch more wind than it deflected. Removed brackets, bagged windscreen and stored it in garage. Likely can't resell to someone shorter because it is cracked. Should have bought beer instead, same end result to the money spent.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[8/20/2001] Reviewed by: Bruce Thatcher -

Applicable to: '99 +

clear plastic windblocker

Relatively easy to install once I checked the WEB site (the unit came with instructions for a M1 and I have a M2). There is a small rattle when driving.

Please remove my previous review regarding my inability to contact Mr. Chen and never getting my unit. He has a new WEB site and I finally made contact. After some checking, he did send the unit and I installed it the same night in about 10 minutes.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[7/15/2001] Reviewed by: George Falcone -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Plexiglas windblocker

I sit with the seat all the way back and reclined as much as possible. This windblocker prevented me from doing that. I was much too uncomfortable and returned the product (which was somewhat of a hassle). In what seems like a Catch-22, if you don't sit with your seat all the way back, the windblocker rattles. Both seats must be as far back as the windblocker allows to prevent the rattle.

I'd rather put up with the wind than either the rattle or the backache.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[6/23/2001] Reviewed by: Bruce Thatcher -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

TC Windblocker

RIP OFF ALERT!!! In April '01, I inquired about the availability of a model for a M2. Thomas Chen responded that although he had not updated his WEB site, he did have a unit for a M2 and to send him a check. I did send a check which cleared my back on 5/15. I have sent him 2-3 e-mails with no response and now his WEB site seems to be shut down. THINK TWICE BEFORE SENDING ANY MONEY TO THIS RIP OFF ARTIST! should remove any reference to this product from the site.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

[6/5/2000] Reviewed by dennis m. stein -

Applicable to '90 - '97

piece of plexiglass that fits on shelf behind seats, mounted in two installed brackets.

this product was very easy to install. it really only took about 5 minutes. it took about 2 weeks for me to receive the windblocker after I mailed the check, but there was a holiday during that time frame. I am most pleased with the product, especially the noise reduction. the wind will still mess up your hair a little but the wind is definitely reduced approximately 75 %.

I would definitely recommend the purchase of this product for those who are bothered by the wind and noise of expressway driving. at $145.00 for the product including shipping I feel that it is the best designed and effective product for the money. it does rattle but this can easily be overcome by placing the seat back up against the windblocker.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[3/31/2000] Reviewed by Bob Dziadzio -

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.8 liter

TC Windblocker

Overall, a good value for the results. (95 M-edition)

Good instructions which made it very easy to install.

I've used it for a year now and find it's main purpose,(wind and sound reduction), best at speeds over 60mph, but still has some benefits at lower speeds.

Overall quality is good; however, the tan mounting brackets ordered (at an additional cost) were a poor color match for the car's interior. Save the money and go for the standard,plain black brackets.

The plexiglass does squeek on uneven roads at low speeds, and, if you leave it in place with the top up, you'll get some strange reflections in the rear view mirror at night.

Yeah, I'm glad I have it, especially on cool days--it makes the heater more effective and I don't have to worry about my cap flying off when a semi passes me on the turnpike!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Daniel Emili -

Aftermarket windblocker designed to reduce wind and noise while driving with the top down.

I am a recent Miata owner having purchased my '94 last month. I absolutely love the car, but felt I needed something to reduce the amount of wind/noise in the cockpit while driving on the highway. I had read several reviews here and felt that the TC Windblocker offered the best value and decided to give it a try. The product arrived approx. 10 days after sending Mr. Chen a check and it installs as advertised. Within 10 minutes I had the package opened and the windblocker installed. My only complaint is that there is a slight bit of rattling coming from the windblocker while driving- I guess if you postion the seats just right up against the plexiglass it may stop. However, this is greatly offset by the amount of wind/noise that the TC Windblocker reduces. My personal guesstimate is that it cuts this noise by at least 50-60%, perhaps even more. I can enjoy my CD's without playing them at full volume and its much easier to carry on a conversation. In addition, the top goes up or down very easily with  the TC Windblocker in place, however, I would probably recommend taking it out if you are going to leave the top up for a while- it removes very easily.

This is a great product that is everything adverstised. I highly recommend the TC Windblocker for anyone considering this piece of equipment.

Reviewed by: Steve Wang -

The product is called “TC Windlocker” and it is a piece of clear acrylic panel that is installed behind the seats using custom made brackets fastened to the car to reduce the air turbulence inside the cockpit when the car is driven with the top down.

My decision to buy this particular windblocker came as a result of two factors: (1) the cost of other “hard” windblockers, e.g., the OEM available in 1999 models and the “Oris” Windblocker, was prohibitive; and (2) I didn’t want my rearview vision limited by the mesh type windblocker. With that said, here is my evaluation of the product.


Because the creator/originator/marketer of TC Windblocker, Thomas Chen, lives only a short freeway drive from where I am, I arranged to meet with Tom at his place to have him personally install the windblocker in my 1995 Miata. I watched as Tom spent about 5 minutes unclipping some plastic brackets, screwing his custom made brackets, and sliding the windblocker in place. In other words, to say that the installation is easy would be an understatement.

How It Works

With both windows up and at highway speeds (60 mph +), there is considerable reduction of air turbulence inside the cockpit. Which is to say that there is still enough of wind gushing in from behind to “mess” up one’s hair. I would venture to estimate that the reduction is about 60-70%. Still, this is good enough for me to commute to and from my office and make occasional court appearances without seriously messing up my “suit & tie” appearance required by my profession.

One problem I have with the TC Windblocker is that when in place, it limits seat travel such that I am now forced to sit more upright than I would prefer in order to maintain the same distance between the seat and the pedals. At first, the more upright seating position was very uncomforable and I even considered returning the Windblocker. However, after a little over a week’s use, I am getting more used to it. I do believe that anyone taller than me, or with longer legs than me will not be able to fit comfortably due to the restricted seat travel and seat back recline positions forced upon by the Windblocker. I am 5’8 with 32 inseam.

Otherwise, I do not have any complaints so far. Because the Windblocker is clear (I think tinted versions are available however), it does not stand out or restrict rearview vision. It does get dirty quickly though and rattles slightly. The rattling can be minimized by firmly placing one (or both) seat back(s) against the Windblocker (as I do with mine to maximize seat travel). I have not had the occasion to put the top up since the Windblocker has been installed, so I cannot comment on how the Windblocker clears the top, but given its dimension, it should clear the top easily.

I will supplement this review later when I have had a chance to more fully evaluate this product. Anyone interested in this windblocker should feel free to contact me.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: stephen st.pierre -

A windblocker made of clear acrylic[39 1/4x17x1/4 inchs] with metal frame to slide blocker into when you want to use it. Really does take about five minutes to install side frames and with a botton rail on the windblocker it becomes quit ridgid.

Recieved the tc windblocker about two weeks ago and have taken it out for test runs everyday its been installed. Works very well at any speed, but after you get over 75mph you may want to roll up the windows as it becomes noisey and you start to feeling the wind . Going over rough roads and sharp curvers the tc windblocker didn't move at all no bouncing or rattles could be seen or heard. also very easy to take out and store in the trunk pulls right out no snaps straps or cats.

At this point I have given the windblocker ever real world test that I can think of and it still works very well. its an improvement over the tanner block but at a higher cost. is it worth it I think so, there is no muss or fuss pull it out of the trunk and slip it into the slots and away you go time 30 sec at the most. Cost 95 dollars plus shipping. If you need to keep the wind out of you hair or the cold off you head a windblocker is what your looking for and the tc.windblocker will work for you.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Mark D. Tetrault -

Tommy Chens Version of the Wind Blocker

The TC Windblocker arrived in good condition Via UPS, packaged in a cardboard flat. It was well packaged and undamaged. The Windblocker was still in the protective foil to prevent damage, and the hardware was taped to the inside of the box.

The directions (with photos) say a 5 minute install of the brackets. They are correct. It took 5 mins to install the brackets into existing holes in the seat belt towers. The Windblocker slid into the brackets right off without a hitch.

My impression is that approx. 50% of the wind noise is now gone, and the stuff I throw on the passengers seat no longer needs to be seat belted in. The wind into the car has definately left. Also if I put up the windows and turn on the AC (no purist here, just a big wimp), even though the top is down, more AC stays with me in the car. So the Windblocker, IMHO, does what it was designed to do.  TCs blocker has a polished aluminum extrusion on the bottom and still right down to the  package shelf and effectively blocks out the wind to the lower passenger compartment.

Overall I am pleased with the quality and service from TC Windblocker, and highly reccommend it

In all fairness, I am 6'1" tall and need the seat ALL the way back. The Windblocker when installed
as directed will not allow the seatback to go as far back as without the Blocker installed. I removed
the brackets and riveted a 1 1/2" extensiononto the upper hole in the channel. I then drilled a hole
at the end of it, and re-drill a new hole in the lower bracket. This moved the bracket and WindBlocker
back 1 1/2". It now allows the seat to fully recline, slide all the way back, and does NOT interfere
with the boot cover.

Since I asked Tommy Chen to make me a special order color for my Blocker (light charcoal) and now the brackets have been modified to fit ME. I am extremely pleased with the overall outcome.

I'll place pics on my website soon, including the bracket mod. Black C pkg., with a charcoal blocker. Looks DYNAMITE, NASTY, One of a Kind. OEM but better.

Nice Job Tommy!


Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Mike Madden -


Easy to install, very effective and reasonably priced.

I got the unit roughly 10 days after sending Tom a check. It arrived properly packaged, with all parts and installation instructions.The installation took roughly 15 minutes start to finish. On the road it was very effective at reducing noise and wind buffeting--my guess is that around 90% of the wind buffeting is eliminated. Noise reduction is probably the most noticable effect--you can actual have a conversation at highway speeds or listen to the radio without damaging your hearing. All things considered, I'd recommend it to anyone tired of dealing with the wind on long drives at highway speeds.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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16 October, 2001