Merlot Man Windblocker

Reviewed by: Ron Hoffman -

TKPennin Windblocker found in

This windblocker is a very good design. I mounted it on my 1994 Miata. It is a design good for 1994 and later to incorporate the crossbar behind the seats. The windblocker can be installed in less than 30 seconds with the top up or down. During my initial shakedown at 80mph, there was no vibration. Loose papers on the seats stayed in the seats for the entire 15 mile trial run with the windows down. With the windows up, the car was 90% wind-free and very quiet.

I highly recommend this windblocker not only for its cost effectiveness (less than $30.00 to make). You don't have to be mechanically inclined to make it, looks like a stock option, and it really, really works. Remember, it's for 1994 and later, you need the crossbar behind the seats. The directions by tkpennin are easy to follow and very accurate. A well designed piece.

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