Windschott Windblocker

[8/5/2005] Reviewed by: Colin Carson -

Applicable to: '99 +

Full-size mesh windblocker similar to the Oris Windstop. Used on a 2000 LS with the original windblocker removed and a Racing Beat Type V style bar installed.

The Windschott can be thought of as an economy version Oris-type windblocker. It's appearance and size appears to be identical. I was very satisfied with the quality of the frame, the mesh and the leather wrapping around the frame. The mounting system is more basic than the Oris - just two metal brackets that are bolted onto the ends of the bottom frame tube of the windblocker and then secured to the car by unscrewing and sandwiching the brackets behind the large snaps for the boot cover, located on the vertical panels where the original windblocker was attached. The Windschott provided very good wind protection - completely still air below ear level and minimal wind to the top of the head. It filled most of the space inside the main hoop of my RB Type V style bar. As long as not obstructed by a roll bar or style bar, the windblocker can be folded back to lie flat on the rear deck of the car when the top is up (will require keeping a wrench or screwdriver handy to loosen the mounting brackets). The attachment system is clearly more rudimentary than the Oris brackets, but as long as the nuts and screws are tighted well, I have not experienced the windblocker moving, even at highway speeds.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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