Advanti Racing

Advanti RS Limited Concept Pro

[12/12/2002] Reviewed by: Chris Tower -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

15" x 6.5" Polished Lip with Silver Body, 5 double parallel spoke design. Included hub centering adapter. Added chrome valve stems with chrome tuner lugs.

Simply put, very satisfied. Impeccable finish, reasonable weight for a 15" wheel ( 13 lbs ) with the abililty to transform a pussy cat to a tiger. Go to to see before and after pics.

After 12 years and NO mods whatsoever, it was time to change the personality and behavior of my 90-A. I had been eyeing the Rota Sub Zero's as my choice for wheels when I ran across a post on the forum mentioning the ADR's. Upon first observation, they appeared to be exact clones of the Rota Sub's, at a 25% savings. I love a deal. I was not disappointed. Met my criteria for weight, quality and style. Mated Kumho Ecsta 712's to the ADR's for a very satisfying combo. Would highly recommend.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Advanti Racing (ADR) 16" Wheels

[2/29/2000] Reviewed by Marty Harrison

Applicable to '90 - '97

16" Advanti Racing (ADR) Wheels (Racing Power Model)

These wheels look so totally hot on my '94 Laguna Blue Miata. I've used the blue center caps (red, blue and chrome are available) and they aren't too bad in the weight dept. I purchased from DTM Motorsports (frequent advertiser in Sport Compact Car Magazine) and their service was pretty good, except that I received 1 right tire and 3 left tires. I had to take one to have the Nitto 450 reversed, now all is better ($10 later). But otherwise these wheels are great looking and no rubbing so far.

I also added powerstop cross-drilled rotors and EBC brake pads at the same time as installing the new wheels (the stock brakes were all rusty and crusty) since the wheels show so much more of the brakes now. So far, so good- weak braking at first, but I'll reserve comment until break-in period is done.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Advanti Wheels and Pirelli P700Z performance tires

Reviewed by: Tim Biggs -

Advanti 15 " Spider-web-looking rims and P700Z tires. These rims and tires are a 'plus 1' upgrade from the stock 14" 185's and, after having them installede, should be a mandatory "do this first" application for any Miata enthusiast.

I spent a lot of time deciding what rims would grace the gear of my red '90 and settled on the Advanti Racing rims and Pirelli P700Z tires. Scott and Wayne at Tireworks installed them and in less than 1 hour I was about $1200(cda)lighter and much, much happier.Both the look and feel are greatly improved. The car looks sportier and it now drives like a sports car that can use all of the Miata's ample cornering capabilities with improved grip and flatter cornering. The rims are the multi-spoked ones and the tires have more road-holding ability than my car will ever over-come.Considering I was almost going to go with Momo rims (at twice the weight and cost) I'd say I made the right choice.

Over-all this is something I'd recommend any owner to do as the pay-off on your investment is instant and more than satisfying. And recognizing the length of this review, that should speak even more about the value added to the miata experience. As for the choice of rims and tires, at two-thirds the price of my intended purchase I think I made a great decision. Don't forget your sun-glasses!

Advanti Racing Power 15" by 6.5" alloy wheels with Centennial 205 50 R15 tires

Reviewed by: Robert Corbin -

15" by 6.5" alloy wheels w/ Centennial Interceptor 205 50 R15 tires.

I put these wheels on my 1995 red miata. I purchased it used with the factory steel wheels knowing that I would go aftermarket later. After much deliberation, I decided on the Advanti wheels. I wanted wheels that were distinctive without being garish. The Miata has a classic body design and deserves wheels that compliment it, not detract from it. I ordered them from Discount Tire. They were very helpful and seemed to know quite a bit about the Miata. I received the wheels in four business days with all the proper mounting hardware (lugnuts, wheel locks, etc.).

I love the way these wheels look. They are silver with red centers which are perfect on my red miata but might look weird on other paint schemes. I'm not sure if they come in any other colors. They are a seven-spoke design that is actually somewhat similar to the factory alloys but with a much more aggressive look. There is a lock-pin in the center of the wheel that  I don't thing really does anything. It kind of detracts from the looks of the wheel but I haven't taken it out due to an irrational fear my wheels will fly-off at 70mph.

These wheels make the car look much more aggressive with a wider stance. A HUUUGE improvement over the steel wheels. The two size increase in tire width has added much more grip at the price of slightly more rolling resistence. I was a little fearful of rubbing problems but I haven't experienced any.

I opted for Centennial Interceptor (H-rated) tires which I am told are made by Dunlop. Considering the price ($66 each), I have been very pleased with them. Wet weather traction has been excellent and  dry-traction superb. Being such an inexpensive tire, I guess that time will only tell how they fare in the future.

I would recommend these wheels to anyone looking to upgrade both the looks and the handling of their Miata without looking a "chrome-plated future car."

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