American Eagle Alloys

[9/14/2003] Reviewed by: Caruuzin -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

American Eagle Alloy Wheel - Series 192 Polished 15" Alloy (18 lbs) (Also comes in chome or painted.) $450 set of four

Purchased this wheel to replace my 14" stock alloy wheel and what a tremendous difference!!! Beautiful shine and look, as well as great ride with my new Yokohama tires. Weight does not cause a problem and is actually a quieter ride and smoother handling over bumps and rough roads. Excellent size and fit for the Miata.

I recommend Yokohama ES100 tires 195/50/15 for this handsome wheel. The polished wheel looks as good as the chrome wheel!

Not an installed item

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