Arbet Type 3 Wheels and Dunlop D60A2

Reviewed by: Keali'i Llantos -

I ordered the package from Discount Tire Products. Service was prompt and courteous. They were helpful in advising me what I would need to do the installation.

I placed the order on a Wednesday and as promised, the package came via UPS Ground following Wednesday.

The wheels/package came with the hardware required for the installation (e.g., center cap lock key and the centering rings). The wheels and tires look great, however, the Arbet badges on each and every one of the wheel center caps were off. They apparently got jarred loose during shipment.

I contacted Discount Tire who mailed out replacement badges immediately. I received them the following week. For added measure, I went ahead and used glue to supplement the adhesive film behind the badges. Minutes later, the badges were permanently sealed to the center caps.

With the exception of some headaches with the Miata wheel locks, installation to Ku'u lei (92A) was fairly straightforward. Oh, by the way, standard Miata tire iron does not work with these wheels. I had to use a socket (13/16 I think) for the standard lugs.

From an appearance standpoint, the car looks more aggressive with its wider stance. The wheels increased size and the Dunlop's aggressive tread really make them stand out. From a performance standpoint, the car corners with incredible grip. It is definitely "stickier" than the stockers.

In my opinion, the car looks better with increased performance to boot. No discernible penalty in ride quality or road noise.

Two thumbs up for the combo.

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