Azev 'A' Alloy Wheels

Reviewed by: Kevin Lim -

The Azev A is a classic five spoke wheel with a centre locking cap. Made in Germany these 16 x 7.5 inch rims with a 35ml offset really compliments the sexy curvature of the Miata. Made of a high grade alloy each rim weighs about 8kgs (standard is 6.0kgs) and epitomises German engineering.

I matched the wheels to a set of Dunlop W1 Spec Rs (205/45/16s) and apart from the agressive look the car now handles like a slot car with Konis,Jamex lowering springs and Racing Beat front and rear stabilizer bars.Even with the front lowered approximately 45mls and the rear at 35mls the wheels do not rub under hard cornering or over uneven road surfaces. The front Konis are however set at their stiffest setting. The ride is not that harsh and the tyres at that profile are surprisingly quite. The new wheels hasn't really altered drive and gearing ratios.

The Azevs are not cheap and the tyres are just as expensive but the investment has definitely been worthwhile.

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