BBS Wheels

[8/16/2001] Reviewed by: John Fong -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

BBS wheels like those on 93 special edition.

After having a hard time finding the Miata set of BBS wheels, I found out that BMW offered the same wheels for their 1990 - 1993 BMW 3 series. And the best thing about them was the price!! I paid $220 for a set of four off eBay! The only came with two center caps, but they are exactly the same as the Miata special eds; made by BBS, 14inch, 14x7 so they're a little wider than stock. They look absolutely great!!! Since they're a little older, they shouldn't cost as much as the Miata BBS wheels. You can take a look at my pictures on I'll have more pics up but for those who've been looking for the Miata BBS wheels, there are cheaper alternatives and it's the BMW BBS wheels!!

Not an installed item

BBS 16" RK Wheels

[12/27/2000] Reviewed by: Tim Bennett -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

15.5 lb wheels with 38mm offset.

I bought the wheels plus mounted tires through With 205/45/16 tires they're a bit bigger in diameter than the stock wheel and tire and thus "fill up" the wheel well quite nicely. Also, the 38mm offset makes the wheels sit out a bit wider than stock. When driving you can definitely feel the wider feel and the fact that it wants to follow ruts more so than it did stock, but nothing that I would complain about or regret. I really like the wider stance, plus it looks better having the wheel come out closer to the fender. I have a stock suspension setup and only occasionally will I hear tire rub when I hit a good bump. At 15.5 lbs they're not the ultra-light wheel that many Miata folk are looking for, but I haven't noticed a difference in acceleration that many talk about. However, I have noticed that the bigger wheels do work the brakes a bit harder and my 91 M1 could use some slightly bigger brakes.

Definitely a beautiful set of wheels that sets my Miata apart from the pack. I would highly recommend them. Also, I would highly suggest waxing the whole wheel (inside & outside) before installing them on the car. It made washing the wheels a breeze. The dirt just rinses off with a little bit of soap.

Under 5 minutes to remove

BBS RK 16" wheels

Reviewed by: David Leonoff -

Lightweight, high quality aftermarket wheels

I bought these through the tirerack and received then in 4 days. The finish of these wheels is superb and I love the look. I have 215/40 ZR 16 tires on them and have no problem with rubbing on my lowered suspension (FM)

These are a great looking very high quality set of wheels and they look great especially if you are showing off a FM big brake system!!

Moda Sport Wheel (by BBS)

Reviewed by: Reid C. Hartson -

15x7 wheel in "sport silver", with covered lugnuts.

The wheels look fantastic and arrived from Tire Rack in excellent condition with all necessary mounting hardware. The wheels had been pre-fitted with hub-centric adapters and fit well. Although I didn't weigh the new wheels and tires (Continental CV-90's), they don't feel substantially heavier than stock.

The wheels are beautifully finished and really "fill up" the wheel wells better than the stock units. It also seems to be a relatively uncommon wheel on the Miata so you won't see these everywhere.

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