Borbet wheels

Borbet Type S wheels

[8/26/2003] Reviewed by: Keith Kimble -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Borbet Type S wheels: 15x7

One week's worth.

Arrived from The Tire Rack with new tires mounted and balanced. One wheel damaged in shipping, replaced tire and wheel in 48 hours Fed Ex overnight at no cost to me, no questions asked. No one else seems to have recently reviewed these wheels on this site--maybe I'm the only one who likes them. Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder. Open design is forcing me into a brake upgrade. Workmanship and finish are very nice (I'd be more complimentary, but just put a set of Fikse FM-10s on my 930). A bit heavier than stock, but not much considering 14x6 to 15x7 upgrade. Shod with SO3's: see accompanying review. Recommended.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Borbet type c wheels

[1/19/2001] Reviewed by: Jonathan Van Ryzin -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter




Under 5 minutes to remove

Borbet Type "T" Alloy Wheels

[8/4/2000] Reviewed by Anonymous

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

5-spoke Aluminum alloy wheel. Silver painted center with polished rim. 14X6 with 38mm offset.

Ordered through Tire Rack's website. Arrived quickly and complete with appropriate lug nuts. A choice of center caps were included One with a faux center-mounting nut and cotter pin, the other a smooth Borbet badge. The wheel looks like it was made for my 1991. Extremely attractive and east to keep clean. They are slightly heavier than the factory alloys. I absolutely love the look they give my car.

I can highly reccommend this wheel.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borbet Type "C" wheels 15 x 7 6-spoke design

[11/17/99] Reviewed by: JB Babcock -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

15 x 7 cast alloy wheel, 6 spoke design, 16.5lbs each (from another web page)

I ordered these locally from NTB along with RE-71's. I wanted to buy the package locally for support, lifetime balancing and rotation as well as road hazard protection. They were shipped to NTB from the Tire Rack yet I got them for less than the Tire Rack retail. Go figure.....Beautiful finish and workmanship. I heavily researched what wheels to put on my white 92, using the "visualizer" web pages here and at the tire rack and like these the best.

Car now looks great - wider wheel with a little more offset fills out the fender wells nicely. Now I think I have to lower the car to loose that infamous large gap at the top of the wheel that somehow was not evident with stock wheels and tires!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Borbet Type F 16"x7"

Reviewed by: Lee Bohon -

5-spoke wheels to dress up appearance and accomodate wider, low profile tires.

These wheels came from the Tire Rack, purchased without tires. My objective was to eventually get a set of tires when I had the money to put towards them and when I could decide on what I want. After a couple months, I bought a set of 215/40R16 Pirelli P7000 tires and had them mounted/balanced locally. Fortunately, the design of these wheel makes it impossible for clip-on wheel weights to be mounted to the outer edges. I didn't want them mounted there for the sake of appearance.

Once I put the new wheel/tire set on my car, I immediately noticed a lot more grip on the road and just a bit more firmness. Oddly enough, I did not notice a huge loss in acceleration but braking effort was noticably increased (but not un-liveable). These wheels weigh 19lbs each which really isn't that much more than the 16lbs steel stock wheels I was using before.

The transformation to the appearance of my miata is night and day. I had previously lowered my suspension about an inch with Dealer Alternative's FM springs and now it looks just right with a good looking wheel. The curves of this wheel, in my opinion, look very good with the curves of the miata. Beware that these wheels (along with many others) attract attention. I came out of a store, walking to my car where I found quite a few people standing around looking at it. I approached and one person said they wanted to take the car home with them (in the back of their pick-up truck). Never before did I get this kind of attention to my car. I guess I can live with that as long as they are not stolen. Wheel locks are a good thing.

Would I do it again? Absolutely!

Borbet Type T

Reviewed by: Max Hong -

A set of five spoke, fifteen inch rims mounted with 195/50ZR-15 Bridgestone RE-71 tires from Tire Rack. The cost was about $940 with lug nuts, locks, mounting and balance.

Overall a great looking set of wheels. I received a lot of compliments from my friends. Tire rack included some nice touches like using stick on weights instead of conventional weights. The five spoke design facilitaes easy cleaning and it shows off the brakes nicely. Now it's time to paint the brake calipers!!!

Under 5 minutes to remove

Borbet Type "H" Wheels

Reviewed by: Mike Bolton -

Great looking rim. Really makes a difference in the appearance of the car especially after lowering it. Well made. I selected them over the covered lug rims. Couldn't see the extra money for a piece of plastic to cover the lug nuts, and I think they have a more aggressive look to them with the lugs exposed. Tire Rack supplies everything with the wheels. I picked them up myself in South Bend since I live close. Even had a socket to install the rims included, and adapter rings so they fit the spindle correctly.

I have gotten many good comments on the wheels. Makes the car look really cool. changing to any wheel of larger diameter is probably the most noticable improvement one can make. Going to 15" tires and wheels will make the ride a bit stiffer, but it's more than tolerable. I wish I'd done it sooner. Recommend both wheels and Tire Rack, service is 1st rate. Out the door price with tax and without shipping and Dunlop SP8000 tires was $1151.00

Borbet Type H Wheels

Reviewed by: Tony Schreiber -

15 x 7 alloy wheels

I purchased these as part of a tire/wheel combo from TireRack. The look is fantastic. Weight on my invoice said 21 lbs. With tires (205/50/15) was 43 lbs. My scale showed the stock 1994 alloy with 185/60/14 tires at 32 lbs.

Great service from Tire Rack. Awesome looking car. A picture will be available soon at

Borbet Type F Alloy Rim

Reviewed by: Anonymous

This is a nice 5-spoke wheel. One of the less expensive 15-inch wheels on the market, it still has a beautiful finish and design.

Borbet 5-Spoke design wheels 15 x 7

Reviewed by: Percy M. Chow -

It's a great rim. Nice clean design. Blends well with the body shape of the miata. I've gotten A LOT of compliments about the wheels and the mail order package will rival ANY local shop.

A rim upgrade gives the miata a more agressive look. Couple it with some Eibach lowering springs and the Miata won't look like your old Miata anymore. Please feel free to E-mail me for a picture. I chose the Borbets over the Oz's and Moda. I scanned the wheels from a Tire Rack ad and dropped it onto a photo of my miata in Abode Photoshop (Macintosh). I can do the same for anyone else who is shopping for wheels but would like to see them on their miata first.

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9 December, 2003