16" Dial Elysee

Reviewed by: Greg Hagopian - ghagopia@mail.win.org

Aftermarket 5 spoke style rim for the Mazda Miata. Finished in Silver paint and clearcoated for finish protection. In the 16" size, the width is 7.5".

The finish on the wheels was excellent. No flaws and a very high quality appearance. An adapter ring was included for location against the brake rotor. As these rings are a loose fit, you might want to mount them permanently. The rims are quite a bit heavier than the stock wheels (more metal, less rubber), but look substantially better.

Overall appearance on the car is quite striking. Many positive comments received from onlookers since installation. The finish has held up well and the rims are a breeze to clean. Wheel offset and rim width are a bit more than some would prefer. Tires of 205 width actually look a tad narrow on these rims. The width of the 15" rims might be a better choice for those looking for appearance upgrades alone. Overall, I'm very satisfied.

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