Pirelli Winter Ice Direzionale

Reviewed by: John Frost - yoshimx5@maplecity.com

Snow and Ice Tire 185/60-14 on '90-'93 Alloys

I am very satisfied with the performance of the tire. Snow and ice traction has been even better than anticipated, and even dry traction turned out not to be as odd as was expected, but these are definitely not performance tires! I would recommend these tires to any Miata owner that uses their car in the snow and ice. Additionally, the car did not exhibit any "65mph shimmy" with these tires mounted and inflated to 32psi, although my '96 did not exhibit any shimmy with the stock Bridgestone tires, either.

This was going to be my first winter with my Miata, and everything that I had read indicated that I was going to need snow tires. Shopping around came up with three main choices, the Pirelli, Bridgestone Blizzak, and the Yokohama Guardex 600. I eliminated the Blizzak right away because of the half snow/half all season tread compound. These were to be a second set of tires and rims, so I wanted a full snow tread. My decision was sealed when the Tire Rack's ad said that the Pirelli's were more geared towards higher speed driving than snow tires developed in Japan. My 32 mile round trip commute to work consists of 28 miles of uncongested freeway.

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