Mazdaspeed Wheels


Reviewed by: Vince Wu -

2 piece, deep dish, slotted 3 spoke wheels manufactured by RAYS Japan, under Mazdaspeed specs. available in either in Spark Silver, Gold or Classic Red with a highly (really highly) polished silver lip. Comes only in 15"x6.5JJ or 15"x7JJ. Offset is +38, 4 holes, PCD 100. On the 3 spoke piece of the wheel, a recessed word proudly bearing "mazdaspeed" is beautifully casted on.

These wheels are the ones I decided to go for after spending a year on researching which wheel will suit a Miata that has had its exterior changed (a little bit, in great taste) They weigh about 16.5lbs, so its not too bad over the stock 14". Installation was a breeze. Driving around in the city and on the highway proved to be very pleasurable with the Toyo FZ4 tires i requested. I can't attest the durability of the wheels, but thats because im too afraid to damage the wheels. However, i'm sure that they will last. If you're ever around in Vancouver, BC and need a great store that'll treat you as king/queen and get the job done right for an awesome installation fee, go to Kingsway Tires on Bridgeport Rd, Richmond.

This wheel has razzled n dazzled me for quite some time since I first laid my eyes on them. For the price of these wheels, they better be great in style, and performance. I purchased the wheels from Corksport ( -- they aren't a Miata sponsor for a great, but expensive price of US$1300. This was before the tires were added on.

Everyone I talked to about the Miata have all commented on the cool, unique look of the wheels. It worries me though, that if the wheels get stolen, get trashed in an accident or if you buy these wheels with a messed up airvalve, be prepared to wait some time for them to arrive on our shores again (unless you courier it, but thats hella expensive)

Reviewed by: Alfie Rufino -

Mazdaspeed mags 15x6.5 38mm offset

Mounted on Yokohama A-509 195/50-15 tires.

Looks great! After hitting a lot of potholes, I can say that these are very durable.

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