Performance Wheels

Reviewed by: Kelly Yelvington -

Mimi-Lite, Panasport Style Wheels All Aluminum finish

These new rims with 205/50 15's dramatically change the image of my 1991 "no package" Miata, but spacers are required for the front and special deep well lugs are needed. Be sure to purchase wheel locks also. One of the center caps busted with only a hand tap, no tools. It was not the first one I tried to put on. It was number 3. So far, so good; 500 miles on the highway.

The wheels were sold as "Fits with NO PROBLEM". This in NOT true, without spacers on the front, the back of the rims mash/squeeze the brake caliper. I needed only a 1/4 inch spacer, but this was not a NO PROBLEM fit. The wheels were packed well and arrived via DHL Air Freight safely. They show a Made in UK sticker on the box; but an Australia stamp on the back of the rim lip. Overall I happy with the look and the quality of the rim itsself but the pre-sale support was definitely not up to par.