Pirelli P4000

Reviewed by: Bob McDowell - mcdowellb@cscs.com


I had the Dunlop D60 tires on my 94 and the only modification was the alignment, the settingsare aggresive. When I went to replace the tires the local NTW did not have the D60's in stock and the sales person recommended the Pirelli's ( the manager assured me I could exchange the tires if I was not satisfied) so I went with the P4000's. The following weekend I attented the MADS session at Summit Point ( a great venue ) and found the tires to behave excellently. The traction was superb and the breakaway points were predictable and consistent. There were many other tires on the track (in my group) and the P4000's seemed to be superior. They were 15$ more per tire but I am very happy and would buy them again. I don't know what milage I will get out of the tires but as I only got 25,000 out of the D60's (my wife is a very aggressive driver) I am not to concerned as long as I get the same.

Does anyone else have experience with this tire?

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