Pirelli 5000 Tires

Reviewed by: Bert van Hove - flexbert@flexcom.be

185/65 14

I never thought a tire could mean a difference to the handling of a car until I changed my own. I bought rani (red 91) with 40.000 km and worn out Bridgestones so had no experience with them. I replaced these tires with P5000 's and thought they had very good grip. Only did 40.000 km with a set of rubbers. Later on replaced them with Dunlop D60's. That's the moment I started noticing differences in tires. I read Miata.net and everyone was telling about the grip of the Dunlops, IMHO the Pirelli's have better grip. Far more better than the D60's, but if they break loose its suddenly fast. They have more grip, allow higher curve speeds but are less predictable than the Dunlops. I'm still wondering what I like best.

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