Pirelli P600


I purchased the tires at Sam's Club for $58 each. So far I have had them up 110MPH with no problems.

My '95 Miata had about 27,000 miles on the Dunlop tires that came stock. The car does not seem as crisp as it did before in avoidance maneuvers, but this could be due to worn shocks, since I now have over 30k miles on the car and I drive it hard. Objectively, the speedometer tells me that the car now takes test curves at a higher speed than the Dunlops were able to. Dry traction is excellent, wet traction is good, better than stock. The tires are very forgiving and talkative as they approach the limits of adhesion. Ride quality is very good at 26psi, much harsher at 28 and above. As for noise, all I can hear is the wind and the stereo, with an occasional squeal from the tires.

Gut feeling: Excellent touring tire, good performance tire that needs stiffer sidewalls. Final opinion will have to wait for new shocks, which is what I came to this website to shop for...

UPDATE: I now have many more miles on these tires and need to update wet weather performance review.
We had a dry summer here in central PA, the kind of weather that these tires love. Recently, I noticed that smooth cement roads can be a problem...be careful. Wet asphalt, however is no problem. I took my Miata out to a local jumbo asphalt parking lot during a downpour and was impressed with their ability to hold.

Reviewed by: Tri Nguyen - Tri32@Mindspring.com

Over rated tire. Purchased the tires knowing that I will never drive my car in the snow, only in dry and wet conditions. The tires were very sticky to the touch and figured that they would hold the road very well.

I was wrong....

Two problems: 1) The tires are like the bottom of my basketball sneakers. They grip very well in dry conditions but give it some water and you will slip. On rainy days, merging into traffic from a stand still was not pleasant due to the fact that they would slip causing a delay and throwing off your timing. With the kind of drivers and the traffic commuting into Boston does not make for fun driving.

2) The tires are not wide enough and cannot handle high speed cornering. Even my Celica's tires which are the same size in width can corner better. I was fustrated and bought myself 2 BF Goodrich T/A Comp HR4 for the rear just to see how much of a difference it would make. The result was night and day. With only 2 BF Goodrich HR4 in the rear, the handling and cornering was superb. Not to mention the smoother ride and the higher ratings in mileage.

So, the Bottom Line is to NOT purchase the Pirelli P600 tires. I have only used them for 10K miles and they are sitting in the garage gathering dust.

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