Primax 333sp Alloy Wheels

Reviewed by: John Palazzolo -

The Primax 333sp wheel is a relatively inexpensive split 5 spoke aluminum wheel with a center cap that covers the lugs.

I purchased the wheels after I "curbed" the passenger side of my '94 R Package. It was nearly $200 cheaper to buy a set of aftermarket wheels than to purchase 2 new OE alloys. The good news: These look great on the Miata. Unfortunately there's bad news too. After only 6 months, the clearcoating on the aluminum face began chipping off...on all 4 wheels. My dealer contacted Primax who said they had this problem on early production runs of the 333, my wheels were replaced under their 1 year warranty. Problem solved right? Wrong. Within 6 more months, the center caps on the wheels began rattling when in motion. This time, I called Primax directly to ask for their help. The receptionist I spoke with wouldn't let me past her switchboard and actually suggested I "put some gum back there" to stop the rattling. I then wrote a letter to the president of Primax...who never returned my request for his help. Needless to say, I'm extremely disappointed with the product and the company and can't wait to get a new set of 15"ers from any company other than Primax. I STRONGLY SUGGEST MIATA ENTHUSIASTS STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY AND SPEND YOUR MONEY SOMEWHERE ELSE. Oh, and now the clearcoat on this set is starting to chip off too!

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