Racing Hart CP-8 Wheels

[10/13/2003] Reviewed by: Rick Hamby -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Racing Hart CP-8 17"x7" wheels with 205/40x17 Toyo T1S tires.

The Racing Hart wheels appear to be a good product. The wheels weighed about 16 1/2 pounds each in the 17x7 inch size. The center cap logos are not that great and don't appear like they'll stay on for very long. The ompany DazzMotorsports won't replace them if lost. You have to buy replacement from the Vendor you purchase the wheels from. The replace cost is $35 for a new center cap because Dazz won't sell the logos separately. yes one of the RH logos fell off first week of ownership. ARD Performance replaced it for $5. Thanks Robert.

I bought the wheels from ARD Performance over the internet. I had purchased wheels from them before and my experience with this Company is mixed. Buyer should use a credit card when purchasing items from this Company to have recourse if things don't go well. Overall I believe they are a good vendor and bought this second set of wheels from them. These were silver 17 inch CP-8's and they weight a little over 16 1/2 pounds at the post office less center cap and valve stem. The Toyo T1S tires are said to weigh 18 1/2 pounds. This was a very nice combination on a NA Miata with the sills below the doors painted body color. The car was lowered with Koni shocks on the stock position and Racing Beat Race Springs. The ride quaility was o.k. but the looks awesome. First week a local high school asked me if I would ride the senior class beauty around the football field, second week a guy followed me home and bought the wheels and tires off my car.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

17x7.5" Racing Hart Type-C Tracer

Reviewed by: David Evans -

3-piece forged, lightweight perfromance wheels

This is the second car I've used these wheels on, the first being a 1995 Escort GT. What can I say, I guess I'm psycho for loving huge wheels! They fit like a glove under the car, look great, and handle like a dream. They're definately heavier than the stock 15" wheels from a 1999, but the performance improvement you get by putting that much rubber on the road is well worth the weight. And compared to other 17s, they are very light. Not cheap--they cost around $375 a wheel, but you pay for forged wheels. Well worth it, though--I've bent a few cast wheels on the horrible roads where I live. I'm using Dunlop SP8000 "electrical tape", sized P205/40ZR-17, which makes cornering a breeze. I haven't experienced rub yet, but we'll see what happens when they finally come out with lowering springs for the '99.

Definately a must for someone who wants to look different. Agressive five star with rivets holding the face to the hub, and a big hex-shaped nut in the center. Huge size, but the outer ring is very large, so they don't look oversized like 17s tend to on a small car. Design fits very well with the lines of the car.

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