Rage Coda (14" split 10 spoke)

[1/24/2003] Reviewed by: Ben Paraan - bparaan@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '99 +

Lip and face of wheel is polished silver. Drilling in 2 sizes, one for Miata and the other for Honda Civic (to help with resale). Offset at 33. Plastic center cap is aluminized and shiny.

The wheels were bought for my winter tires. These have held up nicely, cleans easily (waxing helps and so does applying some 303). The offset has not adversely affected the handling. Elicited some favorable wheel comments. Lug nuts supplied with wheel are of a different size.

Center caps were slightly damaged during shipping because of the way they are packaged. The plastic pry bars to remove the cap was packaged in a way that they could dent, vibrate and scratch the caps. The damage was not severe at all but it was there. These wheels aren't heavy and the wheel/tire combo compared nicely with the stock polished rims of a 10AE. Ordered from Discount Tire, no problems at all with the vendor.

Not an installed item

Rage Race 10

[7/11/2001] Reviewed by: Steven Krause - steve_krause@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

15x6.5 inch 10 spoke wheels, 13.8 lb/each, $75 a piece

One year with these wheels, originally bought as autocross wheels for my OTM

I heard about these wheels on my OTM mailing list. I was looking for a good, lightweight set of wheels to use for autocross. Lucky for me the wheels on my OTM also fit my Miata. I bought these for $75 each, not including lug nuts mounting and balancing at Discount Tire. These are pretty handsome and surprisingly durable! they are silver with a polished lip. They come with 2 bolt patterns already bored. I couldn't see the point of spending twice as much to save ONE pound per wheel! The company warranties their product for one year. I have them mounted with my race tires, and they show no signs of stress despite the rigors I endure them to. I couldn't be happier!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Rage Race 10 Alloy Wheels

[7/9/2001] Reviewed by: Brian Thomas - bthomas@arrasgroup.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Rage Race 10 wheels purchased from Discount Tire (www.tires.com). Set of 4-15" wheels ($75 each) that the company said weighed 13.5 pounds.

For an economical wheel, these are pretty nice. I was a bit apprehensive (do to the low cost) but looking for an economical replacement wheel. The finish of the face of the wheel is really nice(I waxed them before install to aid in cleaning brake dust). The wheel also has a nice feature of containing both 4x100 & 4x114.3 bolt patterns to cross-fit with my OTM. The wheel also has a polished lip and a slight 'tuner' look without being 'ricey'. The wheels seem to be light-weight and well made. My only complaint is the painted finish of the inside of the wheels. While waxing the entire wheel prior to install, I noticed that the paint on the inside of the wheel is a little rough. Anyhow, I was at first concerned about longevity and/or chipping etc. but will keep my eyes on it. Discount Tire offers an unconditional craftsmanship warranty for 1 year and I will be sure to keep an eye on any problems. The wheels were supplied with quality allen key-type lugs and all mounting hardware.

For the price, I am happy with the appearance, quality, light-weight, etc. of the wheel with only the obvious complaint of the inside finish that I will continue to monitor.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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