Vredestein Protrac

Reviewed by: Wouter Groenen - wouter.groenen@wxs.nl

Vredestein Protrac summer tire; Size: 185/60 R14 82 H

I installed these (Dutch) tires after my Pirelli P5000's could no longer make the difference between straight ends and corners. Although I loved the Pirelli's for their seemingly endless grip during hard cornering in better times I feared them in wet conditions. Frequent aquaplaning and some 'close encounters' after breaking in our wet country made me look for an alternative. First I roamed the net for tire reviews. Finally the Protrac was recommended to me by a friend that used to work in a garage specialized in tire changing. It was almost a dream come true after the Protrac's had been installed on my 14'' Miata rims. No more aquaplaning, slipping or sliding in the rain (when I not wanted it!); not even on (right) highway lanes 'tracks' caused by heavy truck traffic. The Vredesteins are so silent that it seems that my stereo has been upgraded. And when it's off I can enjoy the growl of my recently installed K&N air intake more than ever. Also taking speed bumps has become a more comfortable action. [Remainder cut off]

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