The MX-5 Miata of the Month from

July 2001

Elizabeth Tice and zoom zoom

Congratulations to Elizabeth on the selection of zoom zoom as our July
Miata of the Month!

To the Crazed Enthusiasts at,

I am writing this note on behalf of my bride of 8 years, the newly crazed Elizabeth.

When it was time to replace her old ’85 Honda Accord she said that she would like for once in her life to have a car that was fun and not simply practical. She wanted a Miata. Thus, the search began for a Mazda Miata. A friend of mine found her a classic red ‘96 at an auction and we bought it at a fair price.

All of that being said, I must let you know that Elizabeth has never cared whether or not her car looked like or if it was clean (“it’s just transportation”) I, on the other hand, am a clean obsessive. So while my Olds 88 Royale Brougham has always been meticulously cleaned, Elizabeth’s cars have not been so. Well, that all changed with the arrival of the Miata! Now, I spend more time detailing the little 2-seat roadster than I do my full size luxury car! You Miata people are crazy!

In an effort to assist her with information about her new little car I found the website and bookmarked it for her. That was a mistake! With all of the jumping off points on your site there are entirely too many things than she can and will want to do to her car! (She’s already talking about getting another one to race!)

Since she has started hanging out at your site, she has had me polish the original factory wheels to near chrome luster (a feat, I might, add that cost me 2 months of weekends and split open fingertips from sanding and polishing by hand), add a chrome exhaust extension, place brushed aluminum Miata door sills and chrome license plate frame. She wants me to add chrome washer nozzles, door pulls and vent rings. She is working now on just exactly what she wants on her custom license plate.

She named the car zoom zoom after seeing the thread on your site about the Zoom Zoom stickers, she is a little disappointed that she doesn’t yet have a zoom zoom sticker of her very own.

My child and I are being neglected while she cleans the car every day. She made me show her how to use my Meguiar's competition wax so she can touch it up between waxings.

She has set the background on her computer to display…I don’t know, let’s take a wild guess… Did you say a red Miata? Why that’s uncanny! How did you know that?

All of this and she has owned this car since March 2001! I am telling you I have never seen an individual go off the deep end like Elizabeth has done with this car and you people are not helping anything. I am writing in an effort to win for her the Miata of the Month award. She deserves this honor, because if this is given to someone who is obsessed with his or her car then Elizabeth wins! Elizabeth doesn’t know I wrote this letter but it would sure thrill her to win.

Thank you,
Bill Tice

P.S. She really is obsessed but the child and I are fending OK and your site really is pretty cool even if you are a bunch of Miata crazed nuts! ;)

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