The MX-5 Miata of the Month from

March 2006

Kevin Bruton

Congratulations to Kevin on the selection of his Galaxy Grey MX5 as our MX5 of the Month!

Some years ago I lived in Sydney, Australia and was the proud owner of a blue 1991 NA MX5. I bought it by chance and didn't really know much about the cars other than they where a great looking machine. Two years later - and many memories and fun times later, a total convert to the Miata experience - I was forced to sell it due to a job in New York and vowed to own another sometime in the future when I returned.

I moved back to Australia four years ago and now live in Perth, Western Australia. I initially bought a Lexus Soarer 2.5 twin turbo (fast but no handling) then a Toyota RAV4 (practical/reliable but with a "whitegoods on wheels" feeling when driving). So one day I was browsing the net the in search of a new car when I stumbled across an article mentioning the new NC MX5 was about to be released in Australia. Wow! This is a sign I thought!

So I headed straight down the Mazda dealer to drool over the sales brochures and commence haggling.  I thought the Ltd Edition looked fantastic with the chrome and red leather. The Galaxy Grey here in Oz was perfect, this is the one I thought! Still of course hadn't seen it in "the flesh" as none had arrived in Oz just yet. I had to search far and wide on the net to even see what a Galaxy Grey Ltd Ed. would look like!

So now the wait begins for my car to arrive from Japan. Quite by coincidence I live in Fremantle, the port where container ships arrive. This means every day I drive past where the cars are unloaded from the boat and stored in the yard waiting for customs clearance before going to the dealer. The MX5 stalker inside is born! I religiously drive past every day from the next three weeks looking at the new arrivals. Fords, Toyotas but not a Mazda's in sight.

Then one evening on the way home expecting another night of fruitless bounty, I drive past and in the distance I can see MX5's lined up on the dock! Unfortunately they were t oo far away to see if there are Ltd editions in the mix to determine if my little Galaxy Grey is all alone and waiting for her new owner. Three weeks of waiting had allowed me to determine my Ltd Ed. was a "she".

So that night sitting at home with my girlfriend, I suggest a little ride down to the docks to see if we can see more armed with my high power binoculars. The stalker in me now was slightly obsessed! She agreed and the next morning we ride down and get some excellent views of the MX5's. Yes there she is a Ltd Etd Galaxy grey waiting to get the thumbs up from a nice custom's person!

Whilst my girlfriend is ogling the car with the binoculars, I notice another couple looking through the same fence we are in curiously the same direction as where the MX5's are parked. They approach us and our first question is "Just purchased an MX5?". They have and came down to get a closer look and proceed to pull out their own set of binoculars!  They even had their digital camera with zoom clicking away on what they thought might be their own Ltd Etd. Velocity Red!

We chat for awhile like truly obsessed fans and I leave the docks with the comfortable feeling they whilst I may be obsessed and stalking my new car, At least I'm in good company.

I have lots of photos of the car at my car domain site !


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