Miata Mailing Lists

Miata Forum is the largest and most complete community on the net. There are also a number of email based mailing lists. (Note: We do not know if these lists are still maintained.)

Miata Listserv - aka "The Big List"

Subscribe by sending an email to list-subscribe@miatamail.com

Listserv Archive - 2001-present

Listserv Archive - 1992-2000 (If you have a working link for this, let us know.)


Swedish/Nordic MX-5 List

Subscription requests to majordomo@isd.se with "subscribe" in the Body.

List traffic is sent to mx5-l@isd.se

Questions to: owner-mx5-l@isd.se

European List

Subscription requests to mx5-request@chaos.org.uk with "subscribe" as the Subject.

List traffic is sent to mx5@chaos.org.uk

More info is at http://www.aesthetica.com/ukmx5/

German List

Miata Club Sicilia

Miata Owners of Mid-Michigan (MOMM)

Subscription requests to mommies@mcfife.calvin.edu with "subscribe" as the Subject.

List traffic is sent to mommies@mcfife.calvin.edu (for subscribers only).

San Francisco Regional

Subscription requests to listproc@txt.com with "subscribe miatamail <your name>" in the body. The Subject does not matter.

List traffic is sent to miatamail@txt.com (for subscribers only.)

Puget Sound Miata Club

Subscription requests to psmiata-list-request@eskimo.com with "subscribe" as the Subject.

List traffic is sent to psmiata-list@eskimo.com (for subscribers only.)

Delaware Valley Miata Club

Subscription requests to delval-request@xyzzy.com with "subscribe" as the Subject.

Hudson Valley List

Subscription requests to listserv@math.vassar.edu with "SUBSCRIBE mhv-miata Your_first_name Your_last_name" in the body of the message.

List traffic is sent to mhv-miata@math.vassar.edu

Underground Miata Network

Send a message to umn-request@canada.com   with "subscribe" as the subject.

The Miata newsgroup - A usenet group at rec.autos.makers.mazda.miata

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