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Welcome! You've found the Web home for Mazda MX-5 Miata enthusiasts around the world. Miata.net contains more information specifically relating to the Miata than almost any other resource. So much that you may find it difficult to find the info you're looking for. I'll try to help.

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The Miataforum

Interested in buying a Miata for the first time The Miata FAQ page and Skip Cannon's Buying a Used Miata page.
Looking for technical tips or info on accessories Tips from the Garage and Product Reviews
Planning to buy accessories or performance upgrades The Marketplace and Product Reviews
Looking for the phone number of a vendor The Vendor Directory
Looking for used Miata stuff The Classifieds
Looking for a Miata Club Miata Clubs
Looking for Miata events and rallys Calendar of Events or the Club pages
Looking for info on Autocross and Competition? Motorsport!
Searching for Miata travel info Miata Touring Page
Interested in photos of Miatas Photo Gallery
Looking for an answer to a special problem about your Miata? Ask the Experts
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