Interior Light Mod

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Take off the visors. Unscrew the two philips head screws and they will fall on you. Take them somewhere you can clamp them down.

The arrow here points to the hole the light bulb socket will fit into.

Put flip down part of thew visor in a vise or somehow hold the visor inplace. Cut off the 1/4" part of the visor base that holds the metal bar for the visor. This will allow you to pull the visor out of the base.

Put the base in the vise so that you can enlarge the hole. Make sure the hole is big enough for he bulb to fit through but NOT the socket.

This is what the visor base should look like now.

This view shows how the back of the base must be flat.

Now time to set up the socket. The sockets I got have only one wire. This is for the positive power. The metal prongs around the socket are for the negative or ground. You need to solder a wire to one of these prongs. The wire should be long enough to reach all the way from the light to the switch under the dash (mine were about 5' long). Do this for each socket. NOTE: make sure the bulb still fits after the wire is soldered on, may be a little snug now.

This is what the finished socket looks like.

Note: the wire in the picture coming from the top of the socket is the one you will solder on, but make yours about 5' long, NOT 2" like I did ;-)

Now back to the car.......

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