Interior Light Modification

By Nathan Ramsey

Any questions, please e-mail me!

NEW... I have added some VERY cool clear lenses on top of the modified visor mounts. These really enhance the look of this mod and were custom made by David Sherman. VERY nice product and look exactly like the stock visor mounts...only clear! He also offers some really cool brake buttons in carbon fiber with an aluminum tip and center. Look really nice with my VooDoo polished aluminum handle. E-mail him...

This modification will add much needed light to the upper part of your Miata's interior. The stock lights at knee level do little to nothing to light the seat or lap areas at all. I could never read a map, read the name of a cd, or anything without using a handheld flashlight. This mod will require removal of your sunvisors, but this won't be missed at all if you are fairly tall. The visors have a tendency to block you view of street signals even when they are folded up and away. The interior lights use the mirrors' bases as the housing for the lights, so there is no going back without buying new visors. I have NEVER missed them, however everyone is different. The new lights will be controlled by the stock switch/s for the stock knee high dash lights. We will talk about this later on......

Enough, let's do it!

Tools/ Supplies you will need

  • A Dremel or other rotary tool (can be done without, but makes it very easy to enlarge the hole in the visor base) with cone shaped grinding stone head

  • A philips and flat head head screw drivers

  • Wire cutters/strippers (needle nose pliers work too, if they have the little cutter on the inside near the pivot point)

  • Soldering iron and solder

  • About 20' of 16 or 18 gauge wire

  • 2 clip type wire taps (to get power from a wire without cutting or stripping it)

  • Electrical tape

  • 2 small light sockets (must fit inside hole left by visor arm bar, take the visor mount off and you'll see what I'm talking about)

  • 2 bulbs compatible with light socket

  • Latex surgical gloves, to keep that gooey black gunk off your hands when working with the weather stripping.

Got everything? OK, let's do it!