I.L. Motorsport
M2 Dome Light Modification

by Ken Yarrow - miataman93@hotmail.com

This is a modification to the lens of the interior (dome) light. The dome light lens is clear black plastic if that makes any sense. I removed the lens to check the bulb wattage/size to see if there was a substitution for it. I had to open the door to get a tool and WHOA, LET THERE BE LIGHT!

Hmm.... If you have a Dremel tool this mod is a snap. If you don't, get one as it is the easiest way to accomplish this mod. Okay, Here we go.

I cut a hole in the lens about 1"x 1.25" using a .125" cutter. I positioned it so the light shows down around the ignition key while lighting up both seats and foot wells. I reinstalled the lens and used a piece of black electrical tape to create a shadow where I wanted the light to shine, then removed the lens and cut around the tape with the Dremel. That's it. I vacuum the opening when I vacuum the car. A no cost, much brighter interior. A coping saw would work as well but you run the risk of cracking or breaking the lens while cutting.

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