Redline Automotive Accessories

NA/NB Remote Programming

by Daniel Pitre


The procedure for programming a new door lock keypad is a simple one, but it can be tough to find. Now you can program your own remotes without having to go to a dealer or pay someone else for the operation!


Step One: Begin with keys out of the ignition.

Step Two: Close all doors.

Step Three: Open drivers door and keep it open!

Step Four : Perform the next steps with in 24 seconds!

A. insert key in the ignition.
B. turn key to on and off position.
C. repeat step b two more time for a total of 3 on and off key turns.
D. remove key from ignition.
E. push driver door frame button three times ( it's the black rubber button located on the drivers side door frame to let you know your doors open).

At this point, the door should automatically lock and unlock at this point to let you know that the car is in programing mode. If this does not happen, wait 40 seconds and repeat from step one.

Step Five:: All remotes need to be programed at this time including old ones that still work. Push any button on the remote two times. The door actuator should lock and then unlock or a chime will sound signaling that the vehicle has accepted the new transmitter code.

NOTE: Remember that all remotes must be programmed at this time, so if you have two remotes, then you need to do Step Five to both -- not at the same time, but one after another.

Once you're done, close the Driver's side door and test the remotes (Make sure you have your keys with you, just in case!).

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17 October, 2007

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