Exterior Window Weatherstripping Replacement

by Barry Bolling

This repair is performed on a 1992 Miata in the photographs and example below. Later models may require a different method.  

On the lower-exterior is a single weatherstripping which keeps water out of the door – protecting interior components of the door from wind and weather and creating an aesthetic appearance at the lower edge of the window. Over the years, this weatherstripping may decay and become unsightly. My own ’92 was showing some age, but the door weatherstripping had become unsightly – to the point that the molded-in metal frame of the weatherstripping itself was showing through the thin rubber covering – rusty colored metal. This is distracting, even once the car is cleaned and detailed.

First, obtain your weatherstripping replacements from the dealer. My ’92 required a NA01-59-810F for the driver’s side, and a NA01-58-810F for the passenger door.

Removing the weatherstripping takes about five to ten minutes each:

1.      First, confirm that you received the right parts from the dealer.

2.      Then gently pry the front and rear retainer snaps on each weatherstripping.

3.      Grab the weatherstripping with pliers at the rearmost edge of the door – the pliers will damage the old weatherstripping – but you will soon discarding these to the trash.

4.      With a firm pull, the weatherstripping will slide back in one piece.

5.      Remove the plastic retainers being careful not to drop them down into the door. Discard these. If you do, and you may - a cheap tool which I call a “grabber” will help you get that piece out. Or, simply a piece of tape on the end of a dowel rod.

Replacing each weatherstripping is the simplest and most obvious step and takes about one minute – simply position it carefully and snap it into place firmly listening for the click of the interior plastic retainers. The front and rear snaps are inserted last – observing the nearby weathersripping dress.

O nce you have snapped each weatherstripping into place, you are done. Enjoy the renewed appearance of your car.

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