Selected excerpts from readers' voluntary feedback.

I love you! I fixed my clutch problem for $6 after reading this forum. My mechanic might have ripped me off- since I am female. THANKS!!!!!

Cathie W.

I asked one of the mods how I would go about sending a donation to you guys, and he said he wasn't sure if you guys did stuff like that, and that I should ask via the Contact Us/Feedback system. I guess the reason I wanted to send some money is because I personally know what it can be like putting all kinds of work into a non-profit board like this, and being completely dependant on ad banners and such.. and even if donations aren't being "solicited" by the organization, I understand that it can certainly be helpful to have people willing to contribute to the resources that they enjoy for free every day.

It's not much, really, but I wanted to show my appreciation for the Forum and other areas of Miata.net, and thought maybe a small donation would be a fitting way to do it. This website has helped me so much with the car, and has really become a second home to me, and it wouldn't have been possible without Miata.net. Please let me know if this is something that you guys would accept, and if there's a Paypal account I could send it to or something.

Thanks for everything,

Name not provided

Thank you for your generosity! We certainly appreciate the thought, however we do not accept donations. We derive 100% of our funding from sponsorship and advertising. The best way for readers to help us out is by patronizing our sponsors and thanking them for supporting Miata.net!

I know you think I'm crazy but I'm telling you there is no "I" in Brillant Black. I live in Massachusetts and just bought a brand new 2006 MX-5 sport and the color on the window sticker is BRILLANT BLACK. This word is also on the Mazda website when you search inventory. Don't take my word for it. See for yourself. Maybe Mazda screwed up but trust me it's there.

Patrick T.

We trust you, and we believe you that there's a spelling error someplace. But trust us, there is no word "Brillant" in the English language.

I just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for opening up the new legal section on the forum. I think it'll remove many problems from car talk and give us a way to discuss the topics that are forever coming up and getting shut down. I really appreciate it, and I'm sure much of the miata.net community does as well. Thanks!!!!!!!!

Ricky N.

How does such an awesome website have such an outdated look?


We're primarily interested in the content of the site. Still, we agree - the look is rather outdated. We have a volunteer working on a new main page. We hope to have it ready in the coming weeks.

I had to write a life mission statement for a class. I did it using my miata to describe how I handle life. Got an A.

Mission Statement

I will travel along my journey of life reminiscent of the way I drive my Miata, with the top down, wind in my face and appreciative of the scenery and fresh air. As I maneuver my car towards my goal of a college degree, I will be attentive to the road that takes me there and the needs of my family and friends. My route is mapped, but delays, detours, and new construction that can be bypassed with my imagination and intelligence are to be expected and handled eagerly. I will laugh at the sight of myself in the rear view mirror; a middle-aged mom with messy hair, heat blasting, idiotically driving in the drizzle, but secure in the knowledge I am going somewhere. I will patiently take my time, use integrity and never exceed the speed limit, even when there are no other cars around and the road dares me to race. I will speak my mind and support the rights of others as loudly as I sing along to my radio, even at stop lights. If I come across a troubled motorist, I will lend assistance to the best of my ability, show empathy and stay until help arrives. When hit full force with the malodor of the garbage truck ahead of me, I will back off and find an indirect route of resolution. To ensure proper engine performance and a smooth trip, routine maintenance will be performed in a timely and prompt manner. I will have enough common sense to raise the roof when it is snowing, hailing or raining too hard. I will arrive; stronger and invigorated from newfound knowledge while exposed to the elements and other drivers I met along the way. I will acknowledge other adventurous souls with a wave and will openly offer a guided, but exciting ride to those who have never enjoyed the same opportunity. I will take delight in their reactions, just as I do when steering my sons through life. Most importantly, I will remain flexible enough to fall back on the mini van when the needs of others will not be met by a middle aged lady in a convertible. The attitude will remain because only a convertible driver knows why a dog sticks his head out the car window.

Lori L.

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