Moss Miata

Monterey Motoring Weekend 2001

Friday, August 17 - Quail Lodge, The Concorso Italiano

DSCN0509.JPG (102424 bytes)

Charlie Hughes, Mazda North Anerica Chief

DSCN0510.JPG (136015 bytes)

Barb Beach throws a party.

DSCN0525.JPG (109313 bytes)

Being Barb.

DSCN0511.JPG (94943 bytes) DSCN0514.JPG (232279 bytes)
DSCN0515.JPG (1079928 bytes) DSCN0516.JPG (196501 bytes) DSCN0517.JPG (211298 bytes) DSCN0518.JPG (97285 bytes) DSCN0519.JPG (251249 bytes)

Recognize this car? Hint: Tom Matano has one.

DSCN0520.JPG (235165 bytes) DSCN0521.JPG (1102385 bytes) DSCN0522.JPG (218736 bytes) DSCN0523.JPG (179210 bytes) DSCN0513.JPG (194618 bytes)
DSCN0526.JPG (233451 bytes)

In this company, the Lotus seems so, er, ordinary.:)

DSCN0527.JPG (233453 bytes) DSCN0528.JPG (217282 bytes)

The very first Lamborghini. I wonder where BMW got their cues for the Z8...

DSCN0531.JPG (244289 bytes)

Spotted on the drive back to the hotel. Check out the license plate frame. (We edited out the tag numbers to respect the privacy of the owner of the Testarossa.) For real!

DSCN0532.JPG (135339 bytes)

Saturday, 18 August - Mazda Laguna Seca Raceway, The Monterey Historic Races

DSCN0533.JPG (156492 bytes)

Voodoo Bob Krueger and JT Bob Holland.

DSCN0536.JPG (178268 bytes)

Bill Gregory of Miata Owner's Club and Barb.

DSCN0537.JPG (161646 bytes)

Sumitomo Shelton (formerly Dunlop Dave) on the right.

DSCN0538.JPG (196257 bytes)

Mazda's concepts.

DSCN0539.JPG (177325 bytes)

The M2 Yellow concept.

DSCN0540.JPG (160465 bytes) DSCN0541.JPG (175706 bytes) DSCN0542.JPG (117423 bytes)

Phil Wolfson

DSCN0543.JPG (188052 bytes)

Bob Retzer

DSCN0544.JPG (222414 bytes)
DSCN0545.JPG (176133 bytes)

Brian Goodwin of Goodwin Racing

DSCN0547.JPG (176955 bytes)

The Mazda Cosmo

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DSCN0551.JPG (1159318 bytes) DSCN0552.JPG (129385 bytes) DSCN0553.JPG (130446 bytes) DSCN0554.JPG (128436 bytes) Dscn0555a.jpg (159269 bytes)
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