Miata Mountain Madness!

June 30 - July 3, 1998

Pocono International Raceway, July 1998

OK, so there's not much here. But the event was truly amazing. It reached a crescendo on Thursday evening when Chairman Dave Thomas stopped the festivities to flip on CNN because he was told the event would be covered. Well, there it was, broadcast on CNN, with everyone screaming their heads off as they saw themselves, their cars, their friends cars, and, well, it was total pandemonium.

Miata Mountain Madness on CNN!

CNN reporters covered the Miata Mountain Madness event in the Poconos and the results were aired in a whopping 5 minute segment at 8:55PM EDT on Thursday, July 2. Check out the CNN coverage! It was way cool!

pocono.jpg (12679 bytes)

Peter Balfour

tomcar.jpg (18106 bytes)

Tom Malcolm

Anyway, if you have some good pics, send 'em in to madness@miata.net and we'll put 'em here!

After the MMM event, the MFWTTNEAAIGWTLP attracted a great crowd for a great time!

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Photo by Bill Kellenberger

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Photo by Bill Kellenberger

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