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The Yellow Pages are a special spot for owners of the very rare (about 1500 built) 1992 Sunburst Yellow Miata. Here we spotlight a few customized Yellow cars as was originally suggested by Robert Meushaw. If you have a Sunburst Yellow Miata that can be considered "out of the ordinary", send us photos and we'll include them here.

Bonnie Lutz maintains a formal registry for owners of Yellow Miatas.


Mitch Porretto

Here are photos of my 92 Sunburst Miata. I purchased it for $500.00. It was in sad shape. The paint was white with oxidization. It took many hours to get it back to the original yellow. The engine was shot. It had to be replaced. It had a fiberglass top that i sold on ebay for $850.00. I purchased a used Miata engine for $700. And had it installed. It is all original except for the tires and rims. I love it and drive it daily. I get stares and comments often.

hotalingyellow.jpg (33403 bytes)Bob Hotaling

1992 Sunburst I found for sale on a street corner in Maitland, FL in April 1997. The car had 62,000 miles on it and needed a lot of TLC to in today's pristine condition. "BeeBop" is pretty much stock except for the BBS wheels from a 95 M-Edition, a Jackson Racing header, cat, and sport exhaust, a K&N drop in air filter, and some fuzzy yellow dice that hang from the mirror at special events! The color is actually Belgian Racing Yellow and the Black/Yellow/Red stripes represent the Belgian Flag. Pretty cool, eh? :)

meushaw.jpg (52081 bytes)Robert Meushaw

cvyellow.gif (49568 bytes)Chris Vagtborg

When asked if his '92 Miata is stock, Chris responded:

"Stock"???? Millen Aero wheels painted to match car, Millen exhaust, Millen sway bars, Jackson headers, GAB shocks, Dunlop SP8000 tires, leather seats, Hard Dog roll bar, luggage rack, NACA duct, air horns, Hella head lights, Whistler remote radar detector, Carpathian Elm wood trim kit, VooDoo shift knob, C's short shift kit, NGK racing spark plugs, 18 degrees & 92 octane. Other than that, stock...

raymond1.jpg (51915 bytes)raymond2.jpg (56116 bytes)Christiane Raymond

Christiane's Miata is heavily customized. We have two photos highlighting the wheels and the interior.


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