Moss Miata
The MX-5 Miata of the Month from

January 2006

Bill Kille

Congratulations to Bill on the selection of The Slut as the January Miata of the Month!

Years ago, when I was single the first time, I had a Triumph Spitfire and then an MG-B. I had a great time with both of those cars. I still had the MG-B when I got married and sold it when the time came that we needed a station wagon. A wife, two sons and two Irish Setters just don't hack it in an MG-B.

Fast forward to 1993, I was single again and that Dodge Shadow was just boring. I had fallen in love with the Mazda's Miata when it first came out so on a beautiful day in June I drove to the closest dealer and went for a test drive. The gal showed me how to unzip the rear window and why before putting the top down, handing me the key and telling me to enjoy myself. Next thing you know, I was doing 70 mph in 3rd gear and loving it. I had liked the Miata for its great looks and the handling and fun factor were just icing on the cake. She quoted me a price, I waited three loooong days and called back with a counter offer and she accepted it. I knew I was going to buy it when I had left the dealership. I was in for a great long adventure.

On the way home from the dealership in my new Miata I overtook a County Sheriff's car. I could tell it was my son working, so I pulled my hat brim down low over my eyes, downshifted to 3rd, whipped around him, flipped him "The Bird" and kept my foot on the fast pedal. Wow! flashing lights in the rearview and the siren. I don't think I'll ever forget the look on his face when he walked up to the side of my car and then figured out who was behind the wheel.

At one time or another all Miata's reveal their names to their owners. Mine became "The Slut". She was good looking, a load of fun to be with, and I spent all my spare money on her. The Knobmeister even made some axle end covers with "Slut" on them for me.

A few years passed and the Crystal White paint started falling of of my car, someone in a pickup truck had dinged up the upper portion of the driver side rear wheel well and I had taken the car in the shop for a repaint. That evening at Happy Hour a friend of mine came in with one of the Hot Wheels, Sugar Series of Convertibles, orange Miata with the Reese's Logo's on it. "Bill, this is what you should do to your car" as he ran this little Hot Wheels up and down the bar in front of me making zoom-zoom sounds. And that's how "The Slut" became orange.

I've lost count of the number of Miata events I've attended and the countless number of really great people I've met at those functions. I did the Toronto event in '96 and the Pocono event in 98, have been to Deals Gap seven times, the Miatas in Moab event in '05. My youngest son, the deputy, and I did an Atlantic to Pacific run in 3 1/2 days in '97. Of course we had a badge hanging from the rearview!. We took a lot more time returning east checking out tourist attractions, National Parks, some Honkey Tonk bars and trying our luck in Las Vegas. I've still got the warning ticket I got in Kansas when I was clocked at 100 mph.

Well, after 12 1/2 years of fun filled, loads of smiles, great driving memories, "The Slut" rolled over the 1/4 million mile mark. It happened on the way to the dealership where I had bought her. She was a great car and I'll miss her and the worn out driver's seat. I hope she finds a good new home and owner. I hope my new Sunlight Silver '06 MX-5 does as well, it's wearing the orange #5 pool ball on the shift lever. It's got a tough act to follow..

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