The MX-5 of the Month from

October 2011

Anton Gimse and his rebuilt 1990

Congratulations to Anton on the selection of his rebuilt 1990 as the October MX-5 of the Month!

Please excuse my English, as a Norwegian I use an all together different language. In my younger days, in the 70`s and early 80`s, I worked as an Seaman, and visited the US a lot both on the west and east coast. Also I have visited several times up on the great lakes, Chicago,Detroit, Milwaukee and more.

Now as an 51 year old familyman, I am on my third and fourth MX5 and Miata, both 1990 models. This story I want to tell you about is mine 1990 MX5, roll-over wrecked car I bought, primary for spare-parts. But it ended up as an 2 year project to get back on the road, as an very nice and well-known car here in Norway.

1990 MX5 . From wreck to a beauty.

I bought this one primarily for parts for one of my other projects, but just for the kick of it, I started to get it back on the road. I already had an another parts-car, so the expense was held on a minimum.

The car had just 118 000 km on the speedo, so the engine and drivetrain were in pretty good shape. I spent two years on this one, most of the time interrupted with some of my other projects. This one was worked on when I waited for parts for my other projects.

I work at a bodyshop, so I took it down to work. I started to take some of the outer panels away, and welded back on to the car. I used the Autorobot Carbench at work to straighten to the correct dimensions. Shifted also some of the spindles and control arms, both front and rear.
I also widened out the fenders a little bit, so I could use some 16 " wheels and new tires.

After all the bodywork, I started to do an service on the engine and drive-train, including some K-Sport coil-overs to lower the car. The service included most of the gaskets and seals on the engine, timing belt with pulleys, waterpump, new clutch, ignition plugs, oil and filter, new oil and gaskets on gearbox and differential.

Shifted all parts of the interior that was damaged, new stereo/speakers
Upgraded the suspension with an adjustment to a little more sporty spec.
Then I used the car for some months, and garaged for some more months, before one of the carpainters and I took care of the rest of the bodywork and painted the car in its original color ( SU ) red. Thanks, Lasse, for an great paint job.

We mounted a rea -spoiler, mudguards, stereo with speakers, rear back lights cover, got rid of the rather poor looking door-mirrors and added a modified stylebar/rollbar.

Been a lot of fun driving around with it this summer. Gonna sell this one, to continue with one of my other projects.

Even if you don't read Norwegian, here's the build thread with lots of pictures.


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