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November 2012

Vebjørn Halvorsen and his Mazdaspeed

Congratulations to Vebjørn on the selection of his Miata as the November Miata of the Month!

Hi! I bought my first Miata in 1997 - from a friend who couldn't keep both his car and flat when going back to being a student - so suddenly I had a roadster!

This was a '91 red, imported from Florida to Norway in 1994 I believe. It had cruise control, AC, electric windows and Torsen diff. I drove this car for 11 years, spring, summer, autumn and winter - and it was by far the best winter car I've ever had, and the most fun!

We drove it a lot, for short trips, and vacations. So, then in 2007 I wanted more power, but as it is not legal in Norway to upgrade with turbos and so on, I had to get creative. So I checked the Miata club of Norway, and there was a few members that had gotten hold of Mazdaspeed Miatas imported from the US. I contacted the company that had imported the other ones, and soon I started to wait for "my" new car. My girlfriend loved the '91 Red, but when I sent her a picture of the '04 Mica Red MSM - she didn't mind the change.

So - in January 2008 I got an email, with pictures - and I wanted the car - it had gone about 12000 miles, and it looked great! So I said yes - and so started the long wait for the car.

Luckily, I still had the '91 - but in April the MSM arrived, and I was truly impressed - both with the handling and the looks, and the engine, of course. I couldn't keep the '91, but that situation was resolved elegantly: My girlfriend's sister bought that one. She has had it now since 2008, and we often take part in road trips together with the Norwegian MX-5/Miata club and on other occations. My MSM is driven all year, and has barely tried some Auto-X and driving on track - and I still love the car. I plan to have it, and take care of it and enjoy it for as long as it holds together. GREAT cars!!

In addition, after trying my MSM, another member of the club here in Trondheim also bought a 04 MSM - so now there is two of them in Trondheim. Probably the two most northern MSM's in the world is my guess!

Vebjørn Halvorsen

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