The Miata of the Month from

February 2012

Mark Johns

Congratulations to Mark on the selection of his 1999 as the February Miata of the Month!

Green Miata in the snow

I have always liked sports cars, and often dreamed in my sleep of driving one. When we needed a second car I knew the perfect environmentally friendly choice had to be a small green two seater.

I mulled over getting a Triumph, MG or other British sports car but realized that I would be spending half my time fixing it in my garage. Or I could get a much better designed Miata, and just drive it! Choice made.

I watched the market for some time and finally my car appeared. A 1999 racing green Miata, with custom heated seats, hard top, and winter wheels for the inevitable winter driving in Calgary Alberta. It also has a lowered suspension, butterfly bracing, and wider tires for cruising with the top down.

Yes, I drive it in the winter, although with the lowered suspension it is sometimes a challenge in deeper snow or deeply rutted side streets. I could get a more practical winter car, but what’s the fun in that?
Many people baby their Miata by garaging it during the winter months and only dreaming of driving their pride and joy. I would rather drive and slide than store my Miata. I can get my skis, poles, boots, backpack and gear all in the trunk and seat beside me and go back-country skiing in the mountains near us.

In Calgary we can get a Chinook, which is a warm wind that blows down from the mountains mid winter, and can drive the temperature from -25 degrees celcius to +20 degrees celcius in a few hours. My Miata and I are ready for anything! During a Chinook, or the summer, my Miata and I can cruise low to the ground with the top down. She also has a small trailer hitch in which to put a bike rack, and off to the mountains we go again.
My Miata is a lot of fun to drive, a head turner, and truly the environmentally responsible “Green” choice.

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