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May 2012

Fransis Meester and Ahura, her 1990 Miata

Congratulations to Fransis on the selection of Ahura as the May MX5 Miata of the Month!

I am 22 years old. Ever since I was 12 and I saw a Miata pull up in a parking space beside my mom's old Chevy that was rotting apart I've been in love. I live in Alaska and there really aren't that many Miatas up here, probably because the summers are short and mostly everybody I know now who owns a Miata will not drive them in the snow.

My first car was a 1988 Mazda MX-6 non-turbo. I loved that car! I'm sure most teenager's abuse their "first cars" a little and man I'm telling you that car went through hell for me. Eventually it gave up the ghost and overheated one day so I ended up selling it to a good friend. So as the years went by I have stuck to Mazda cars hoping that one day I would get my chance to be the proud owner of a first gen "NA" Miata.

I joined a local Miata club here in Alaska about a year ago. Mike, the founder of the club, was aware that at the time of joining I didn't have a Miata. I was driving my 2006 Mazda6. Some people want the next most expensive, flashy car to sport around in, but my dream car has always been a Miata. Eventually, I got a message online from Mike that he had an NA Miata for sale and asked me if I was still looking for one. I almost fell over from excitement and was like oh yeah I am interested!!

I was going to wait until a few days later to go look at it, but I was itching to see it so my husband and I went out that night to see it. When we got there it was sitting in some snow, but it was love at first sight. Pretty red exterior with a black top. My two favorite colors.. what a score! We got the key and she fired right up. As for me, I have never actually sat in a Miata before so that was my first try. I sat down in it and felt like I became part of the car. I have driven quite a few different cars, but none that made me feel such a connection. Mike says, "so what do you think?" I said, "consider it sold!!"

We have had our first Miata for a month now and I find myself randomly opening the door to my house to admire it. I still can't believe that I am the owner of a cherry red 1990 Mazda Miata. I am as happy as a kid in a candy store. There truly is something about a Miata that draws you to them and I think it is definitely more than just its looks.

Fransis Meester


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