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December 2012

Koos Scholtz and his 1991 MX-5

Congratulations to Dr. Scholtz on the selection of his MX-5 as the December MX-5 of the Month!

My 91 MX5 will be 22 years old in February next year. Today I took a picture of it at exactly the same spot with the mountains in the background almost 22 years later.

My other cars are a Porsche Boxster S and Porsche Cayenne but I must admit that the Miata is still my favorite car. It is not nearly as fast but such a joy to drive. I spent some money on it this year and now it is in showroom condition. Miatas are relatively rare in this country, I imported mine and had to pay 40% import tax at the time.

About three years ago I gave the Miata to my daughter - that's her in some of the pictures. She and her boyfriend did not look well after the car and I took it back. My daughter also has a baby now and I think the Miata is unsafe for her without ABS and airbags. So I bought her a new car and now the Miata is back in my garage. In the late nineties it was involved in a rear end collision while I was waiting at a stop street. The other car was a wreck but I was able to repair mine at considerable cost and time, took about 4 months. I had to replace the soft top only once and did the installation myself, the second one still looks good in spite of the harsh African sun.

Today it is in perfect condition and I am seriously thinking of selling my Boxster S, also a fantastic car but now out of warranty and I am having the same fun with my Miata.
I am a medical doctor - an anesthesiologist - and get called out frequently at night for emergencies and need a reliable car. The Miata has never let me down after all these years, even the first battery lasted 8 years!

Koos Scholtz
George, South Africa

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