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Lanzar VX-830 Triaxial speakers

[3/1/2008] Reviewed by: Mike Walsted -

Applicable to: '99-'05

Lanzar VX-830 speakers - triaxial 8" speakers which fit the speaker openings on NBs with no modifications or adapter plates needed.

The speakers do great for the price. Although the MSRP listed on the Lanzar Product Page is US$96.25, it is easy to find them for around $60 shipped. They are easy to install, and wired directly to a 22 watts per channel RMS head unit, are loud enough to have clear sound with the top-down at 70mph in traffic. I have managed one time to distort the sound by turning the volume and bass levels to their max with bass intensive music, (although I can't be sure if that is a speaker, head unit, or mounting/sound deadening limitation,) but have had no other distortion issues.

These speakers work great for my purposes, but may not work for others. They sound pretty good to me, and combined with a decent head unit, sound much better than the Bose system they replaced, and are sufficiently loud to be clear with the top down at 70mph in traffic. Their ability to be screwed right in to the door openings is a tremendous time saver. No manual or instruction included, and the positive terminal is marked by a red dot instead of a +, but the installation is easy enough where instructions shouldn't be needed. As they are 4-ohm speakers, they would likely be insufficient if connected directly to the Bose Amp output instead of to an aftermarket head unit. For the person trying to perform a low-cost and/or easy Bosectomy, these are probably THE speakers to get.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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7 June, 2008

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