Axis Power Racing

Carbon Fiber Trunk by Axis Power Racing

[7/2/2008] Reviewed by: Norman Ravis -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

GTR carbon fiber trunk

Not happy at all! So first off I order this trunk.. $725 with $25, just under 3 months later I get the trunk. Now I understand its a custom part and he has to make it by hand but 3 months!? Everytime I would call to check he would tell me its being shipped out next week. So I get the trunk, I open it and it horrible, its got black seams along the edge were he molded multiple pieces together, you can see the lines coming threw where the braces were on the underside... horrible, if I was painting it it would have been fine but I buy a carbon fiber trunk for the lightness and the look of carbon fiber. So I call John and he says im S.O.L. He says "its a race part and thats just how it looks, for an extra $200 he will throw another layer of carbon fiber over it to look like its all one piece" After about an hour of arguing he finally agrees to take it back and make me a new one all one piece, no ugly seam, so structure lines showing threw. So I am happy... for now. I send ! it to him and somehow it was damaged in shipping... all good i paid insurance... oh by the way I had to pay shipping back to him and then back to me again... so now thats 3 shipping and insurance charges, plus the $725 originally. 3 MONTHS LATER he finally calls me to tell me he is sending it out but forgot to cut out the third brake light and wants me to cut it out instead of him. "No no no, you cut it out" I told him so he cuts it out and sends it. I get it and yet again unhappy, this time he basically pulled it out of the vacum mold and sent it, so its got resin all over it, scratches, pits, looks horrible. I call him and he says I have to bring it somewhere to have it sanded and clear coated, because he doesnt do that anymore!! He says he will do it for $300 then I would have to pay again to send it back to him wait 3 more months and pay again to send it back to me. Which is crap because not only did he get the money from me, but he also go the othe! r one payed for from the insurance claim when it was "broken".! So he h as been payed twice for this part... send it back and pay him more?!? NO WAY, I found a shop locally who sanded it then cleared it for $350. Then I finally after 7 months go to put it on, he never put any way to mount the third brake light, he told me to just use windshield silicone... so i finally put it on and it doesnt even fit right, one corner is higher then the other, trunk doesnt seal well, just all wrong. Now its all done it looks good but was not worth the money (725 for the trunk + 85 shipping 3 ways + 350 to have it finished = $1160!!!!) or stress to get what I wanted. So unless money and time isnt important I wouldnt recomend any of his parts.

Horrible buisness ethics to send out an unfinished product... twice!!

Under 5 minutes to remove

Axis Power Racing - CF Top

[6/13/2007] Reviewed by: Timothy Chen -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Axis Power CF Top - Prepreg CF hard top. ck for more detail info.

My OEM top was time for replacement and I want to put my car on a diet so I went with Axis Power CF top. It is very light weight at 10lb. vs. the oem soft top and you know how heavy the oem hard top weights. The 5 mounting brackets come with the top are also very light weight and takes about 10-20min. to R/R. All the mounts are backed with aerospace nut plates so its very strong.

I installed a foam seal around the base perimeter of the top to reduce a squeeking noise caused by slight rubbing between the top and the body. The top does not leak(12hr trip home from Axis racing in a down pour) nor does it generate any wind noise. The top has honeycomb sandwiched with CF and its strong structurally. I had John(Axis Racing) paint the finish top semi-gloss black to avoid attracting attention from the bling crowd. I chose lexan for the rear window and I have tinted it using Gila scratch resistance film. The workmanship of this part is really good and I am saving up again to buy CF doors from Axis Racing to loose more weight.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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3 August, 2008

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