Chaser Aerodynamics

Chaser Aerodynamics miata fiberglass hardtop

[3/27/2011] Reviewed by: Douglas Northey -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Fiberglass reproduction of the factory Miata hardtop.

Ordered the hardtop from the factory with the rear window option factory installed.Top was to come also with latches and side window seals. It took a very long time to get my top (even after talking with the factory sveral times). The top came as promised with the rear window installed but the side seals didn't come with the top,nor did the hold down latches.After again calling the factory they finally sent the rest of my order.When this package arrived I found that latches were not in the package and the window seals sent were a joke.Another call to the factory and I was told "we don't supply latches as the sales guy said" only spec miata brackets. While I was deciding on what top to buy these people were very friendly and helpfull.Once they charged my credit card,it was like I didn't exsist.Well I installed the top and it rained hard the first night it was on.I had a car full of water. The rear window leaked from what seemed everywhere, and the side seals also leked very bad. The raer window was stressed so hard that it was already showing signs of cracking at the bends.Calls to the factory were un-answered,as were E-Mails. The top didn't fit the same on both sides of the body.The finnish of the top was very lumpy.I felt cheated.I still do.I covered the car with a tarp to protect my interior and realized that I could not use this top.$1100.00 including shipping cost and It can't be used.

I found an old beat up factory hardtop for way to much money and purchased it. The old beat up factory hardtop fit on my car perfectly,and it doesn't leak.I used the old beat up factory top for the rest of the winter. I sold the Chaser top for hundreds less then I paid for it to just get it out of my sight.The guy who bought it said he thought that he could make it work,good luck with that.If you deal with Chaser Aerodynamics remember that once they get your money you are on your own,don't trust Russ. I have to this day, still have not had a reply from them concerning the problems with my top(but they got my money).

Not an installed item

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3 July, 2011

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