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Collinite 476s Super DoubleCoat Auto Wax

[5/24/2010] Reviewed by: Beastie - bparaan@yahoo.com


Applicable to:

A carnauba paste wax legendary for its durability, rivaling (surpassing) synthetics.

Application: dampened my applicator with a spritz of QD spray and applied thinly over the whole car. Let dry to a haze, then wiped off with a microfiber towel. I used a QD to help remove the haze. Wax was fairly easy to apply and not hard to remove, although far from being the easiest to remove.

After trying this wax on black, beige and sapphire blue vehicles, I can safely say that this wax is THE WORST! looking wax I've ever tried. It doesn't matter how durable this wax is, I couldn't wait to get it off my vehicles. Gloss is fuzzy, wetness is just "damp", depth is decent but reflections seem to be having trouble escaping the murkiness of the wax. This wax will be demoted to wheel wax or for door jambs. UGLY!!!!

Not an installed item

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6 July, 2010

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