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Danase Wet Glaze

[7/29/2008] Reviewed by: Beastie

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+

Here's a product that's pretty hot in the Autopia forums, the Danase Wet Glaze: My cousin asked me about nice detailing products to buy and this is one of the choices that we wanted to try based on others' experiences with the product. Since DWG is an acrylic product and my cousin and I both use Klasse, we figured that this would be a good choice. Please read the vendor's description of the product. Anyway, my cousin thought that DWG had an unnatural plastic look and that he had a hard time applying and removing the product, contrary to internet comments about it. So he passes it on to me to see how I'd fare with it. Immediately, I figured out that DWG is better off applied on the thin side. I initially was a bit liberal with it and it gummed up and became sticky and hard to remove. So I tried lessening amounts of DWG and it got easier as I went. Maybe it required the same amount of effort as Meguiar's older Gold Class wax in both application and removal, but not as easy as NXT Tech Wax. It's far from being an arm-buster by any measure though. My car was clayed, polished with Optimum Polish, then Klasse AIO. then Klasse SG x1, before I put on DWG. Results: It cut down on the gloss of SG by about 10% but increased wetness by about the same amount. Possibly not as optically clear as SG as their is a slight editorializing of the color. It did not enhance the gloss as stated. Hmmm. I let it be and allowed it to cure because that usually lets the look improve on its own. Hmmm. Not impressed. So at this point, I think that DWG by itself as a topper is not the best use for it. So I top it with SG. Ok, better. Next wash, I decided to use DWG then a coat of SG. I drive to CVS Pharmacy after I finished. My wife pops up at the store and tells me that she could see the shine from my car from 1/2 mile away (line of sight at that area). Made me smile. Maybe I'm staring at it too much to not see it but it is pretty shiny and liquid. BTW, I polished my green Sears lawn tractor with Meguiar's #83, then AIO, then DWG and the liquid wax from Meg's 3-step. I'm glad to say that it works nicely. My opinion is that DWG is an excellent product when it is a prep for topping with a sealant or a wax. It is only a decent product when used by itself.

Not an installed item

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3 August, 2008

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